Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vintage In Berlin

Welcome to Vintage In Berlin!

Here you will find the best addresses to plan your vintage shopping trip to Berlin.

Whether you like to rummage in shops filled with vintage treasures, potter around the flea markets on Sunday or visit vintage boutiques for designer vintage, Berlin has something to offer.

To start with, forget about doing anything in the morning. Berlin is a city for the night owl. Many stores open around 12 noon and stay open till 7 - 8pm. Shops in Berlin close on Sunday. Do not despair! Sunday is market day. Berlin's flea markets are a vintage lovers dream. So make sure you plan your trip around the weekend.

The eastern parts of Berlin, such as Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, have a high concentration of vintage and retro shops.  To find vintage from the 20's and 30' and antiques reminiscent of the heady Weimar days and Cabaret, you will need to head West to Charlottenburg and Schöneberg.

Mitte: Head to the area between Weinmeister Str U-Bhan station and Tor Str. Here you will find vintage shops rubbing shoulders with Berlin designer boutiques, private art galleries and cool cafes. It's fun, fashionable and a little bit touristy, and we love it.

Kreuzberg: This area is perpetually hung over from the night before. However, once it wakes up, Kreuzberg has a real buzz. This kiez (neighbourhood) is home to lots of good retro and second hand stores, bars, clubs and cafes. You could spend all your time here and forget to leave.

Prenzlauer Berg: Vintage lovers should not miss out on exploring this charming part of Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg has a high concentration of quality vintage shops. On Sunday, Mauerpark and Arkon Platz flea markets are filled with locals and tourist alike hunting for bargains. Home to arty types, yoga mums and intellectuals, Prenzlauer Berg is a perfect destination to while away a Sunday or any day in Berlin.

Friedrichshain: Head here for a taste of the old GDR as you stroll down Karl Marx Alle to Humana for an afternoon of vintage department store rummaging. You can spend a Sunday around Boxhagner Platz having brunch, then hit the vintage market and finish off at Cassiopeia market for a few drink with the locals. A favourite area of students wanting to warm up before hitting the clubs further afield, Friedrichshain is a relaxed and fun area to spend the day and into the night.

Neukölln: Bordering  the edge of Kreuzberg and crawling out of bed around 12 noon with a Club Mate in hand, Neukölln is ground zero for Berlin's hipsters. It's a bit grungy but oozes 'real' character.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Boxhagener Platz Flohmarkt

Boxhagner Platz is home to one of Berlin's most charming markets, in the heart of Friedrichshain. It is surrounded by charming cafes and bars. So start with brunch and then head over to the market.

You will find a lot of vinyl here, along with vintage furniture, some junk and a couple of good vintage clothes stalls.

It's smaller, has a local feel to it and is more charming that Mauerpark, but has a much smaller range of clothes. You can barter at this market, so come armed with cash.

While you are in the 'hood’ don't forget to check out The Raw Flohmarkt at Cassiopeiat. It's just down the road.

Boxhangner Platz Flea Market
Boxhagner Platz 10245 Berlin
12 - 5 pm Sunday
U-Bahn:  Samariter Str.

Raw Flohmarkt
Revaler Str 99, 10245 Berlin.
S-Bahn: Warschauer Str.

Made In Berlin

Made in Berlin, part of the  Kleidermakt chain, has two stores in Mitte. They have have a good selection of vintage from the 70-90's.  Prices are a little higher here than in their sister stores, Colours and Garage.

All that aside, this is a fun place to shop and pick up an 80's oversized bedazzled cardigan, oversized shades or some retro shoes. By the end of your visit you have found just the thing to get the 'Berlin look'.

They also have happy hours on Tuesday between 12 - 3pm  giving you 20% discount. Danke!

Neue Schönhauser Str. 19,
10178 Berlin-Mitte
U-Bahn: Weinmeister Str.
Closed Sunday.

Arkon Platz Flohmarkt

Down the road from Mauerpark is this charming little flea market that should not be missed. Grab a coffee from one of the surrounding cafes and make your way from one quality stall to another.

This is a good market to go to for GDR home wear, vintage furniture and accessories. For the perfect flea market tour we recommend you start here and then head up to Mauerpark for lunch and drinks in the park.

Arkon Platz Flohmarkt
Arkonaplatz, 10435 Berlin
U-Bahn: Bernauer Str.
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00 pm

Trash - Schick

The big second hand department store of Humana tends to overs shadow Freidrichshain. Yes, it's worth a trip to Friedrichshain to visit it but, it's not the only store in the area for vintage lovers. It would be a pity to visit here and not make your way through the Boxhanger Platz area. Here you will find a number of smaller second hand and vintage shops like Trash-Schick.

We really like Trash-Schick, it's very Berlin. It has very well priced retro and second hand clothes mainly from the 70's - 90's,  street wear and with some wacky 80's Berlin items tucked away.

They also have some 20's and 30's accessories. There are some well priced gems to be found here. We picked up an 80's party frock for 20 euros, and left very happy, ready to hit the dance floor.

Trash Schick
Wühlischstr. 31,10245 Berlin
S/U-Bahn:  Warschauer Str/Frankfurter Tor
Closed Sunday.

Rianna In Berlin

Rianna In Berlin is a quirky and beautiful boutique situated in the heart of the fashionable end of Mitte. Here you will find high-end designer vintage, carefully selected by stylist and boutique owner Rianna.

Rianna stocks gorgeous accessories and shoes in a welcoming boutique that is both playful and stylish.

This is an address for those who don't like to rummage and enjoy vintage boutiques at their best.

Rianna In Berlin
Große Hamburger Str. 25, 10115 Berlin
U-Bahn:  Weinmeister Str.
Closed Sunday.

Sing Blackbird

Head over to where Kreuzberg boarders Neuköllin ('Kreuzkölln') and you will find this gem of a vintage store and vegetarian cafe. It's easy to see why this charming place is one of our favourite vintage boutiques in Berlin.

Small and sweet, like the perfect cupcake, Sing Blackbird is a great place to while away an afternoon and soak up the vibes in this hip and emerging keiz (neighbourhood).

It really feels like this place is put together with love. As a bonus, you can also bring in old clothes and swap them or get a store credit. What's not to love?

Sing Blackbird put together vintage markets and other happenings, so keep an eye on their website for upcoming vintage events.

Sing Blackbird
Sander Str. 11, 12047 Berlin
U-Bahn:  Schönlein Str.
Open daily 10.30 - 8 pm